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Bath Festivals seeks new CEO
November 16, 2016

£55,000 + performance bonus Approaching its 70th year, Bath Festivals is launching an annual multi-arts festival to succeed the Bath Literature Festival and the Bath International Music Festival. This new Bath Festival will expand the number of world-class events in the city and build our position as a leading national arts organisation. We now seek […]

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Throne of Glass, Disney Movies & Fangirling – Sarah J Maas at #BathKidsLitFest
October 13, 2016

I still can’t believe I actually met the queen herself…Sarah J Maas! Three hours later and i’m still suffering from severe fangirl symptoms. She was so funny and down to earth, and i’m so glad I actually got to see her. She spoke about many things from what inspired her to write Throne of Glass […]

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“Have you ever seen anyone who can draw a masterpiece in a matter of seconds?” Biba Tarquini reviews Chris Riddell’s #BathKidsLitFest event
October 10, 2016

I only found out we were going to see Chris Riddle a few hours before the event started. We got off to a late start so we had to hastily rush into The Forum. As soon as I walked in I was taken aback. There was an immense screen above the stage, and in front […]

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True Stories, Inspiration & more from Michael Morpurgo at #BathKidsLitFest

Michael Morpurgo talked about his relatively new book called Such Stuff – it is about the story behind the story. It sounds really good. He seems to use the truth as inspiration in many of his books for instance he told us all about the true story behind his new book The Eagle In The Snow… Someone […]

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“Danger Really Is Everywhere!”

I went to see ‘Danger Really Is Everywhere’ by David O’Doherty and Chris Judge. I’d already read their first book ‘Danger Is Everywhere’ and I got the latest book on the day. The books are funny because they tell you silly stuff about how to avoid danger that means you can’t actually do anything. I […]

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“If you have a dream to do something, you should try your hardest and imagine that you can do it. Even if you are scared.”

I don’t know what I thought an Astronaut would look like, but Commander Chris Hadfield just looked like a normal man, maybe even like a teacher. We listened to him talk about his new book ‘The Darkest Dark.’ It’s the real life story of how, when Chris was a young boy, he was afraid of […]

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Dare To Be Creative – Paper Nations event arms audience with tips to keep creative writing alive in schools
October 7, 2016

By Katy Hancock, School Governor, Parent & Writer This week I attended a Paper Nation event at the Bath Children’s Literature Festival; entitled “How can we keep creative writing alive in our schools?” The evening gathered educators, writers, parents and teachers together to hear a panel of fascinating speakers all concerned about the way in […]

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First News loved David Walliams & Liz Pichon – discover what they are looking forward to this weekend at #BathKidsLitFest

We are so excited to be attending the Bath Children’s Literature Festival, and are particularly looking forward to meeting all of our fantastic readers! We can’t wait to hear Michael Morpurgo talk about his best-selling books this weekend, as we had a great time laughing along with David Walliams and seeing Liz Pichon last week. […]

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“Just work really hard, and have a good team”
October 3, 2016

When Mummy told me that we were going to meet famous cyclist, Sir Chris Hoy, I was really excited. I like cycling and Chris Hoy is one of the best. He has also written children’s books about a boy called ‘Flying Fergus’ who likes to ride and really wants to have a special bike called […]

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“I Love Liz Pichon as a writer and a person” In this fun conversational blog Newbridge Primary School Book Club tells us their thoughts on #BathKidsLitFest’s Liz Pichon event

Newbridge Primary School Book Club: Iris Langley, Eve Greenhalgh, Molly Cheadle, Cleo Kemp, Izzy Hunter Iris says “ Hi, this is our blog about Liz Pichon’s event and her books about Tom Gates. We have just come back from the talk at the Forum and we are all buzzing with the excitement and inspired by […]

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