Navigating the Climate Crisis: Tori Tsui and Dominique Palmer

Sunday 26 May 2024
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
The Guildhall
£13 / £8 (excl. fees)
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It’s not just you. The climate crisis is making us all unwell. Powerhouse environmental activists Tori Tsui and Dominique Palmer are here to offer her fresh and radical perspectives to reframe the eco-anxiety so many of us feel and focus on real climate action that could drastically change the world as we know it for the benefit of us all.

Tori Tsui is an intersectional climate activist and mental health advocate from Hong Kong but based in the UK. She was named one of Stella McCartney’s agents of change her Fall/Winter 2019 campaign written by author and activist Jonathan Safran Foer and narrated by primatologist Dame Jane Goodall. Stella subsequently sponsored Tori to sail across the Atlantic Ocean to the UN climate conference, COP25. After working on this project, she lived in Colombia working with Latin American and Caribbean youth on a project called Sail For Climate Action, which aimed to amplify the voices of environmentalists from the global south. She has spoken at the International Hay Festival and Stella McCartney’s roundtable at Paris Fashion week, COP26, Glasgow 2021. In Nov 2021, Tori was invited by actor Emma Watson to speak at The New York Times Climate Hub, alongside youth climate leaders such as Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousafzai (Malala Fund) to discuss the need for collective, coalition-led leadership to accomplish intersectional thinking that the climate challenge requires. She runs a collective called Bad Activist which aims to shed the guise of perfection in climate activism. It’s Not Just You is Tori’s first book.


Dominique Palmer is a Climate Justice Activist, Speaker, Storyteller, Writer, and advocate of slow fashion based in the U.K. She is a coordinator in Climate Live, global youth-led concerts harnessing the power of music to engage, educate and empower, on the Steering Committee for the Youth Climate Justice Fund- the first global youth led climate fund, an activist for #StopRosebank, writes op-eds and pieces for published books, and on the Youth Council for New Zero World. She also harnesses the creative power of the arts to communicate climate issues, and finding joy through uniting. She became an environmentalist after discovering how air pollution was impacting her community, and started her journey in climate action. The same year she was involved in organising the September 2019 climate strikes which brought 300,000 people on the streets in the U.K, and inspiring people across the world to take climate action.

In 2023, Palmer was honoured as a ‘Young Leader’ at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards, hosted by Livia Firth, Viola Davis and more. She was named in Forbes 2020 Top U.K Environmentalists List for her work, and has featured in Guardian film “Whose Job is it To Save the Planet?” , BBC, DAZED, British Vogue (2022 and 2023), New York Times, Refinery29, Huffington Post, BBC Three, Stylist, Sky News, National Geographic, Guardian Weekend, Washington Post, VICE, Bustle, PopSugar, Atmos, Global Citizen, Healthline, and Huffpost.