Abi Robinson

Friday 17 May 2024
8:25 PM - 8:50 PM
Forum Coffee House
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Abi Robinson is a singer-songwriter combining rich harmonies and piano arrangements to captivate listeners through melancholy pop ballads. Authentic, honest and sincere; Abi’s lyrical content cleverly intertwines metaphors of nature and passionate narratives in a comforting and relatable manor. With strong influences from Adele and Cleo Sol, she fuses soft acoustic pop with an underlying essence of RnB evident through her agile vocals. She collaborates with friend and pianist, Flo Breeze, who brings creative contrast through her piano parts and colourful backing vocals. Coming from the southern sea-side town of Lee-on-Solent, the collaboration has flourished and includes Abi’s deep-rooted ties with the natural world.