Children and Young People from across B&NES and beyond will be writing reviews of our fabulous festival books. So if you want some top tips on your next read this is the place to come. Follow us on Twitter to get updates on our latest reviews.

Maisy Goes to a Wedding by Lucy Cousins

Review by Eva, Age 5, Roundhill Primary School

I like the part where they stop dancing and have some cake.

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Flying Fergus Trouble on the Track by Chris Hoy

Review by Olivia, Age 10, Roundhill Primary School

The book is about a cycling race that Fergus is going to be in.  He falls out with his friend, Daisy, and hangs out with his other friend, Sorcha. This causes problems just before the race, but it all gets sorted out. I would recommend this book to age 7 up for people who like sports. I learned that life is not just about winning, taking part is more important. I enjoyed reading about the characters;the best bit was when they made up at.

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Izzy Gizmo by  Pip Jones and illustrated by Sara Ogilvie

Review by Elijah, Age 7, Roundhill Primary School

The story is about a crow who lost his wings; Izzy Gizmo helps him by inventing new wings. The characters were Izzy, Grandpa and the Crow. I like that Izzy didn’t give up. My favourite part was when she fixed the crow and he could fly again.

Review by Lillian, Age 7, Roundhill Primary School

The story is about a little girl who loves to invent different things and learns how to persevere. The characters were Izzy, Grandad, two motorbike men and two dirty ladies. I like how important it is to persevere and that’s exactly what the book teaches children in a fun way, but I also like how she’s very cheeky.

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The Bolds in Trouble by Julian Clary and illustrated by David Roberts

Review by Tamzin, Age 10, Roundhill Primary School

The book is about The Bolds, who are dressed up as humans.  They talk normally and eat with a knife and fork, but they are hyenas, they are known for helping other animals. They have two children called Betty and Bobby.  Their dad always has a joke up his sleeve, but the Bolds found themselves in trouble. There are some pesky foxes that came into their lives, blackmailing them.  Now they’re in for some trouble… I would recommend this book to people who like jokes or who are adventurous.  My favourite joke was: ‘What did the grape say when the fox trod on him?…Nothing, he just let out a little wine.’ I learnt these things from the book: that animals can talk to each other, you can make hats out of anything, foxes like to eat everything. I really enjoyed this book.

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Shiny Pippin and the Broken Forest by Harry Heape and illustrated by Rebecca Bagley

Review by Caity, Age 10, Roundhill Primary School

Shiny Pippin and the Broken Forest is about a girl called Pippin who has a secret power- she can talk to animals. Pippin and her friend Tony need to fill the forest with water again.  There is an evil scientist who has kidnapped all the forest animals but Pippin’s granny, Oswald the king and Pippin come to the rescue. I would recommend this book to everyone because it is a very funny book.  I really enjoyed all the humour in the book and I would definitely read it again. I like Pippin as a character – she is really adventurous.

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