Children and Young People from Bath and beyond have been writing reviews of some festival and non festival books! So if you want some top tips on your next read this is the place to come. Check out the reviews below.

Tom Gates Mega Make and Do Stories Too

Liz Pichon is known for her Tom Gates series. I am a big fan of Tom Gates and think other fans would love this new book but is you are new to Tom Gates I think you would also thoroughly enjoy this too. It’s packed with wacky pictures, amazing styles of words and has heaps of effort put onto each page. I would say these books are aimed for confident readers 7+.

I thought that Tom Gates Mega Make and Do and Stories Too was brilliant because it has amazing creative projects woven into the story – including how to make woolly monsters, how to do toast doodles, a rain stick maker, a paper crocodile and so much more. I would recommend this book  because it brings love and creative spirit onto each page, not to mention how it brings Liz Pichon’s amazing writing and drawing talents to life on paper. So to sum up I think that readers 7+ whether you’re new to Tom Gates or not then you would love this book and I hope you take my advice and read it.

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Nell (10)

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King Coo

I loved this book! I think it was very funny and the pictures were great!! All parts of it were halirouse so I recomend this book for any readers who either like lots of book tipes or are very fond of funny books.

Willow (8)

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Evil Emperor Penguin Almost Takes Over The World

I loved this book. The way that every comic had me sucked in to find out more about EEP’s latest adventures. Every one of them makes me laugh not just once, not just twice but three times. Come to think of it I laughed more than three times. I would reccomend this book to people who enjoy funny comics and fans of the phoenix. So buckle up and prepare to be cutified by abominable snowmen minions and prepare to start laughing your head off.

Martha (9)

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Amelia Fang and the Memory Thief 

For those who like magic, mystery, monsters and cookies this is the book for you! Amelia Fang and the Memory Thief. I love this book so much 100 out of 100 isn’t good enough. I recommend this book to age 7+ and young readers of Harry Potter.

This is book 3 of the Amelia Fang series. This book is about Amelia and her friends Tangine, Florence and Grimaldi who have a new teacher who’s not what you think. He seems nice and sets up a contest to see who can sell the most cookies but while the contest is underway everyone starts forgetting things – even Amelia’s birthnight party.  Why is this happening? Florence and Grimaldi have even forgotten Amelia and Tangine! How can they bring their friends and family’s memories back and where is their new teacher?

Grace (9)

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Head Kid

Head Kid is a gripping novel about two children called Ryan Ward and Dionna Baxter.

This book also includes: Mr Carter, Mr Barrington, Mum (Tina), Holly (Ryan’s sister) and the two OFFHEAD inspectors Mr Mann and Miss Malik.

What happens: Bracket Wood School is under threat of being closed down by OFFHEAD, but when Mr Barrington (Head of Bracket Wood) gets sacked things get a whole lot more complicated: Ryan Ward and Mr Carter (the new Head) swap bodies!

My likes: My favourite character is Ryan Ward because he is the best prankster in the school!

I enjoyed this book because it is a) unique b) imaginative and c) hilarious! I have never come across a story that includes body swapping! I also love that David uses his skills as a comedian to make you laugh by turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.

My dislikes: NONE!

My summary of this book: I think that this book is one of the best books I have ever read, because I particularly like the unexpected rules! I would rate this book ten out of ten, and recommend it to seven to twelve year-olds who relish comedy and excitement.

Cormac (9)

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The Train to Impossible Places

This book is about a little girl called Suzy who wakes up one night to find a train roaring through her house. The train to impossible places no less!

Suzy is then asked to deliver a cursed package to a fearsome sorceress. Then suddenly Suzy realises the fate of the impossible places is in her hands…

I liked this book because it was very funny especially as the little girl was helped by a frog stuck in a snow globe (I know, a frog in a snow globe!) who was really a prince.

This book was exciting and has a good sense of adventure. You should read it if you are 7+.

Emily (8)

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Runaway Robot

Alfie was looking for a friend. He just didn’t know he would find one who was so metallic! This is a heart-warming book about a boy named Alfie and a one-legged robot named Eric. Although Eric’s not the only one missing a limb. Alfie and Eric go on a journey to find Eric’s missing body parts but how does one boy save the city from a heavy-handed suit of armour who when told to “take the bus” will pick it up like a parcel? Eric also spits fire and cooks crisps but can he help Alfie save his ill little brother? Frank Cottrell-Boyce writes about many weird and wonderful things. Reverse dynamite, boys using £50 notes as wallpaper and even an 11-year-old rocketing into space! But this time Alfie doesn’t look for adventure, the adventure comes to him in the robotic form of Eric, who sounds like “bagpipes playing inside a washing machine.”

Frank Cottrell-Boyce took me through a rainbow of emotions but it’s the humour that really stands out. I would still be turning pages at 10:00pm, yawning and crying with laughter at the same time. I would definitely recommend this book. It gripped me as tightly as Eric’s metal hand! Thumbs up for Frank!

Ash (9)

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The Dog Who Saved the World

Last year I read Ross Welford’s earlier books which had me absolutely hooked from beginning to end and I loved them. When I found out about his newest book ‘The dog who saved the world’ I knew I had to read it.

The book is about a girl called Georgie and her friend Ramzy who meet a fascinating scientist called Dr Pretorius and her amazing ‘VR machine’ she created in her secret hideout. She tells them it can send them into the future, something Georgie is prepared to try, despite the dangers. Especially, if the future holds the cure for the disease that is threatening all dogs (includng her beloved Mister Mash) and even humanity itself!

I really enjoyed this book because it combines science and philosophy that really made me think. Through out the book Georgie has to go through all sorts of situations and she learns what is really important in life. The story teaches you about being brave and never giving up. This was definitely a gripping book from start to finish.

I think this book is for people who enjoy the mixture of tension and the unknown. I would recommend it for anyone age nine and up.

Imogen (12)

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Charlie Changes Into a Chicken

Charlie Mcguffin has got a VERY big secret so big you might not even believe it. He can turn into any animal, he desires. Do you think he can keep his secret for long? Can he stay out of trouble? “Charlie changes into a Chicken” is a funny fiction book you should definitely read!

I loved chapter one because it was HILARIOUS so hilarious that the author had to start the chapter again he called it chapter one (again)! My favourite character is flora, Charlie’s best friend; she is very kind and helpful especially as she helps Charlie keep calm!

Oh, don’t skip the footnotes; they have nice facts and super funny things. I couldn’t put the book down!
It could’ve been better if there was a little more detail especially about “smoothmove” which is the name of Charlie’s brother. The setting was mainly in his room with some parts in his school.

It was super easy to understand and quite unique. If you want to Learn the worlds most strangest facts in the funniest way you could imagine read this book! Are you up for an adventure?


Lillian (8)

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

The book is about Harry Potter and how he lives his life.

Harry is a boy who is a wizard and goes to a magic school called Hogwarts. The book follows his seventh and final year at the school.He does challenging things at school and sometimes he has to fight for Hogwarts. He has to find and destroy the horcruxes to kill his enemy, Lord Voldemort as instructed by Dumbledore.

This book is different to the other Happy Potter books as there is a big scary fight at the end and lots of people die. It is my favourite book of the series as there are lots of twists and turns. I really enjoyed the story and my favourite character is Ginny Weasley as she is brave.

Dobbie was the character I identified with and felt similar to as he sometimes listens and sometimes does his own thing like me. He saves the day and is cute and cheeky. He loves to help others and does not want to disappoint Harry, Ron or Hermonine.

You should read it because it creates lots of images so it is easy to believe what is happening. I could really picture what it would be like inside the world of Harry Potter, fun and frightening.

Scarlett (7)

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The Kirindlekrax by Philip Ridley

Krindlekrax is a book by Philip Ridley that came out originally in 1991, I read it in school with the rest of year five last term and we all really enjoyed it. The story is about the Kridnlekrax which is a monster that lives under the street and everybody is scared of him. The main character is called Ruskin and after his friend Corky dies, he is sure the Krindlekrax was responsible. He is determined to solve the mystery of the monster and save his other friends and family. But I won’t give away anymore as I think you should take a read of the awesome book yourselves.

What I enjoyed most about this book was that it has lots of funny parts and you never know what’s coming next in the story, so you are always looking forward to reading the next chapter. Also the chapters are quite short so make it easy to read for people of different reading abilities. The interesting cover also draws you in from the start. Overall I would give it 9 out of 10 and I think you should add it to your list of books to read soon.

Christopher (10)

The Morning Miracle: the six habits that will transform your life before 8am by Hal Elrod

When we were born everyone assured us that we could be anything we wanted to be. The question is; are you everything you ever wanted to be, or did you settle of something less? The average person is 20 pounds overweight, $10,000 in debt, slightly depressed and dislikes his/her job. Put it differently we are mediocre at best.

Step out of comfort zone and focus on person development are just to ways to change for better, probably these are obvious ones, but this book answers this question in a very interesting and truly engaging way. Join the journey on this amazing book to find out and discover them.

Hal Elrod had a successful career before a tragedy struck in which he broke 11 bones and had brain damage. With the miracle morning of six transformative habits, he becomes even more successful.

I would recommend this book to young people and adults. Even if your child does not fully understand the deep message at first, it will help them to truly apprecaite the importance of determination. I loved this book so much I would give it a whopping 5 STAR rating as it was also very enjoyable.

Yanal (12)

Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome

I chose to review Swallows and Amazons because I love the language used in it. It starts with the Swallows living at Holly Howe. The Swallows are: John Walker, Susan Walker, Titty Walker and Roger Walker. After permission from there dad, the Walker children go down to Wild Cat island and set a camp up there. A few days later, the Amazons { Nancy and Peggy Blackett } arrive and decide to form war agents the Swallows. This leads to many adventures, such as the Swallows get stuck in the Octopus Lagoon and they camp under the stars.

The Swallows and Amazons feature in more books by Arthur Ransome. The pictures are amazing especially ‘Leading Lights’ {page 173}. In other books the children get up to all sorts including ship wrecking the Swallow, skating on ice and trying to survive an earthquake.

Why I would recommend this book is because all the characters are very adventurous and it proves that girls can sail too.

Ronnie (10)

Running From the Rainbow by Karen McCombie

This book is all about a shy girl called Rainbow, who calls herself Rosie because at her old school people made fun of her. She is going to a new school and there are some good things like keeping her real name a secret, but also some bad things, like leaving her best friends. You would never think Rosie was the daughter of Mr & Mrs Roberts, because her mum and dad are totally crazy and bright, and Rosie is shy and hides.

I highly recommend this book because its on of those books that you can get really stuck into. I liked it because it has a touch of being a fairy tale and also it could be someone’s real life.There was a funny bit when Rosie was hanging out with her friends in a storm, and they got soaking wet and laughed. At the end of the story she knows she will never be as brave and bright as her Mum, but she has a new name and all that she could ever dream for.This book is for ages 6 and over and is nice and easy to read because it is dyslexia friendly.

Elisia (7)

Tumtum and Nutmeg : The First Adventure by Emily Bearn

I really enjoyed this book because of its adventure, confusion, danger, secrecy and anxiety. It has a great variety of ‘twists and turns` and Emily keeps the excitement high and adds the best details to keep the story alive. Tumtum and Nutmeg are two mice who help out a poor family, write letters as a fairy and fix all the leaks and drips.  One day Aunt Ivy comes to stay because of a mouse problem in her home. She can’t stand mice.

A night later she spots Tumtum and Nutmeg and has her heart set on trying to find them. The children leave out food every night for them. When the mice go to do work, Tumtum tucks into the food only to find that someone has added mouse poison to it. Nutmeg gets help from General Marchmouse an old general, and, with the help of other mice they fight Aunt Ivy.

This book is the warmest and friendliest book ever and I highly recommend it. I think this is for all primary children though I think everyone would love it.

Amelia (10)