This year, we are introducing a new scheme to help reach more children and create more opportunities for young readers to meet their heroes.

Every year, John and I, as Artistic Directors, feel very honoured and humbled to see the magic that happens at that very moment. To witness a child meet their wordsmith hero or the illustrator of their favourite story. It can inspire children to read more and maybe even lift that pencil and start their own stories. It can also give them the chance to have fun with story and be part of the festival itself. We are all about having fun with stories and that includes creating your own and being given the chance to share it.

Please help us to include more children and share that magic. For us, it’s why we do what we so and we couldn’t do any of it without you.

John & Gill McLay.


So how can you help?


You can help us reach more people by donating £5 to our Share The Story Fund when you buy your tickets. 100% of your gift will give other children the chance to come along and join in. We will work alongside organisations and schools to make sure Share The Story tickets reach the right people. Thank you for you support.

If you are an organisation and able to help please contact us direct at