Bath Kids Lit Super Fans! Maddy McGlynn

As part of Bath Children’s Literature Festival’s 10th Birthday celebrations we have invited a few of our biggest fans to describe some of their favourite memories from festivals past and what they’re looking forward to this year. This week’s blog is from fantasy fiction enthusiast Maddy McGlynn…

Literature is discovered by passionate readers of all ages and children are some of the most passionate of them all. As soon as I read my first words and was able to write my first letters, I have loved the worlds we can create from our imaginations.

I remember going to the huge selection of events offered by the Bath Children’s Literature Festival as there’s nothing (and still isn’t anything quite like) the anticipation and excitement of meeting one of your idols, with the book you have spent the last few days with clutched in your hand. The whole room is alive with other excited children and of course parents, who have devoured the story this author is about to tell. The volunteers step up, announce the literary celebrity and the author arrives on stage.

It is incredible. Hearing how stories are formed and how they become these incredible tales of adventure was incredibly inspirational. As a young teenager hearing these authors speak about their books at the Bath Children’s Literature Festival confirmed to me one thing; that one day I would become a published author. It is a dream I’m still working on.

I have met some great authors and one that particularly sticks in my mind is Joanne Harris and her brilliant book Runemarks, a fantasy world where Norse Gods exist. I have always loved fantasy, I have always loved Vikings so I jumped at the chance to get to learn more about her writing processes and inspirations. Plus, the main character was also called Maddy, a fact I made sure to let Joanne Harris know when she was signing my copy.

That’s another fantastic thing; the chance the festival gives you to interact and meet with all these wonderful authors and I still have memories of meeting a huge number of authors all the years the festival has been on. I am super excited this year to meet some big names including David Walliams and Melinda Salisbury. There’s always so many exciting events going on and so much choice – meaning the red booklet becomes a mess of pen as you circle all the events you want to see.

The festival has been a huge part of growing up and continues to inspire me as not just a reader, but as a writer. I have seen how an author can enchant audiences with the magic of words and now I want to do the same.

Thanks again,

Maddy McGlynn

Maddy’s recommendation for this year’s Bath Children’s Literature Festival:

Melinda Salisbury

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