#BathKidsLitFest Day 7: To be perfectly honest with you all, I feel like a bit of a fraud

To be perfectly honest with you all, I feel like a bit of a fraud. I am a blogging virgin. I have never done this before (although I have attended the fabulous Lit Fest in previous years).  Yeah, I’m crazy nervous and no, that’s not just because England is playing Wales tonight in the RWC.  One thing that could ease my mind though and make this a breezy process? A brilliant author with just as brilliant book in tow that I can write a glowing report for…. didn’t I get lucky with Patrick Ness!


Now, I’m going have to let you all into a little secret.  I haven’t read the new Patrick Ness book, in fact I really haven’t read that many of his books, but who knows, maybe all I need is a push in the right direction and I’ll get bitten by the bug that clearly has so many people worldwide on the Patrick Ness hook.

Patrick Ness by Helen Giles

Lights down; music up; enter Mr Ness – master man of YA literature and stage presence; the reason that hundreds of fans have lugged carrier bags filled with books ripe for signing up the Guildhall steps.

He starts by opening up his new book ‘The Rest of us Just Live Here’ and just that little flavour of the book gives a taste for what is to follow, a story of love so full; laugh your butt off, insane crazy fantasy; anxiety; and just a little bit of normal …………basically add a whole lot of scary, and its being a teenager.

“…..and the scream from the crowd is so loud that it takes us a second to realise that a bomb has gone off” he finishes, closing the book with a satisfying smack that he clearly relishes.

The rest of the event that follows is entertaining, funny and totally captivating. A Q and A session conducted by Gill McLay and later the audience itself.  It gives us a little insight into the mind of Patrick, as he discusses his latest book, writing in general and a teen’s world; asking and exploring the questions every teen feels – how much do my friends value me? What happens next? Am I needed? Who am I? He reveals how and why he writes, what he does in his down-time and all about his relationships with the characters.  Imparting knowledge and making me question the way I think as a teenager and person.


With the last question he takes his seat and the applause from the crowd is indeed loud enough that perhaps no one would have noticed a bomb.  I leave feeling excited and more than a little buzzy….. a feeling that I’ve started to associate with this festival.  All that’s left to say is congrats, -congratulations Patrick Ness because I guess that in the minds of everyone present this officially makes him an author worth buzzing about, and you know what? He’s done it, he’s convinced me, and now all of you? Your job is to be convinced because maybe I can’t do that, but his books can….  I am converted, and I make sure that I pick up a copy of the book on my way out, eager to open the cover and discover what a world full of Ness has in store for me. After the rugby of course.

Written by Meg Allen (15)

Patrick Ness appeared at The Telegraph Bath Children’s Literature Festival on Saturday 26th September the Festival continues until Sunday 4 October 2015 see the full programme here

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