History Events with a Twist for Ages 8+

If you’ve got a small history-lover in your life, then these events should be all you need to keep their brains fully occupied during the Festival:

Fan of the Horrible Histories CBBC television series? Well come along and meet the illustrator of the Horrible Histories books, Martin Brown. History doesn’t have to be boring, especially when Martin brings history to life through his artwork, with ‘helpful’ suggestions from the audience of course!

Though their reign of terror on the high seas is long over, the thought of Viking conquests can still strike fear into our hearts. Join Thomas Williams, Project Curator for the Vikings: Life and Legend exhibition at the British Museum, as he tells the story of King Harald Sigurdsson, last king of the Vikings, and learn more about Viking warriors, their travel, conquests, and beliefs.

Learn about Borgon the Axeboy from the author who created him, Kjartan Poskitt. He’ll be talking about the first book in his new series, Borgon the Axeboy and the Dangerous Breakfast, where you’ll meet the young barbarian Borgon and his friends and family, and you just might learn that some breakfasts are more dangerous to have than others!

Come see the cover illustrator of the 2014 Telegraph Bath Children’s Literature Festival brochure, Chris Riddell, talk about the second book in his Goth Girl series, Goth Girl and the Fete Worse Than Death. He’ll also talk about his inspiration for his stories and offer drawing tips for young artists.

Animals have always played an important role in wartime, acting as mascots, messengers and sometimes even spies. David Long, author of Jet the Rescue Dog, and Damian Kelleher, author of Dog in No Man’s Land, will talk about these brave animals and their importance in the war effort.

by Festival Intern Chelsea Winebrener
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