Adam Sharp and book cover

Adam Sharp: The Wheel is Spinning But The Hamster is Dead

Thursday 23 May 2024
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
The Guildhall
£11 / £8 (excl. fees)
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Join wordsmith Adam Sharp for an entertaining show blending stand-up and excerpts from his book as he journeys around the world in idioms, proverbs and general nonsense. Learn unusual insults from France (You are a potato with the face of a guinea pig), how to hurry someone up in the US (You’re going as slow as molasses in January) and what they call a shark in Vietnam (fat fish). 

Adam has rounded up the very best ridiculous and hilarious translations from around the globe – so let’s get this show on the road! Or…Let’s saddle the chickens! (German) On with the butter! (Icelandic) Forward with the goat! (Dutch)

‘Brilliant, hilarious fun – you will LOVE this book’ – Kit de Waal 

‘Extremely entertaining and very useful for new insults’ – Russell Kane

Adam Sharp is originally from Manchester but has moved around often (he’s not very good at staying still). He has had over thirty jobs (he’s not a very loyal employee, either). He has been paid to: teach sport in kindergartens, serve sandwiches in casinos, catch footballs, juggle bottles, wash dishes, review music, change nappies, walk on stilts.

For more lists and to stay in touch with Adam, you can find him on Twitter and TikTok @adamcsharp