Twitch and the Magnificent World of Birds with M. G. Leonard

Saturday 25 September 2021
10:00 AM - 10:45 AM
The Guildhall
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Ages: 9-12

Tickets will need to be purchased for both adults and children.

British Book of the Year-winning author M.G. Leonard has a new hobby, birdwatching! M. G. explores this fascinating new world through Twitch, a thrilling adventure that brings a birdwatcher and a bully together to try to capture a robber. All about friendship, the genius and beauty of birds, and the endless rewards of having a relationship with the natural world, Twitch is a joyful book that will encourage you to get back out into nature. 

M.G. Leonard is a keen amateur birdwatcher, and in this event she will take you on her journey of birding discovery, with some tips on how to spot birds where you live that might even inspire you to get up super early and listen to the Dawn Chorus, and she will definitely get you to take THE TWITCHER’S OATH!

Twitter: @MGLnrd

Instagram: @mglnrd