Throne of Glass, Disney Movies & Fangirling – Sarah J Maas at #BathKidsLitFest

I still can’t believe I actually met the queen herself…Sarah J Maas!

Three hours later and i’m still suffering from severe fangirl symptoms. She was so funny and down to earth, and i’m so glad I actually got to see her. She spoke about many things from what inspired her to write Throne of Glass and her badass heroines growing up, to her favourite Disney movies and hot guys in her series!

After her talk there was a book signing and my friend and I were lucky enough to be close to the door so we only had to wait fifteen or so minutes which wasn’t too strenuous. When it came to my turn, I forgot everything I wanted to say to her and I was just too happy that I was actually there, and she was talking to me. Overall, I’m really grateful I got to see her in real life and I hope I get to again one day.

By Genevieve Lewis

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