“Danger Really Is Everywhere!”

I went to see ‘Danger Really Is Everywhere’ by David O’Doherty and Chris Judge. I’d already read their first book ‘Danger Is Everywhere’ and I got the latest book on the day. The books are funny because they tell you silly stuff about how to avoid danger that means you can’t actually do anything.

I really liked the event and I think Chris is a very good artist. David had a strong voice and was very funny. I like how David created Dr Noel Zone to look just like him. My favourite part was seeing Chris doing the pictures and listening to David being funny. My favourite picture was the shark coming out of the toilet.

Chris really inspired me to do some drawings after it as well. I liked it when I got my book signed by David, and Chris drew the toilet shark in my book too.

David also taught the audience how to get rid of the page 9 scorpion. (Take off your right shoe and bang it on the book really hard and lots of times.) At the end of the event there were free lollies and marshmallows covered in chocolate from The Fudge Factory that I really enjoyed. Yum!

I can’t wait to read the book.

By Jasmine Sefton, age 9


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