Bath Kids Lit Super Fans! Charlie McLay

As part of Bath Children’s Literature Festival’s 10th Birthday celebrations we have invited a few of our biggest fans to describe some of their favourite memories from festivals past and what they’re looking forward to this year. This week’s blog is from Andy Day fan Charlie McLay…


Why do you like the festival?

The reason I love the festival is that every day feels like World Book Day!

How old were you when you came to your first festival?

I was 6 weeks old when my mum and dad did the festival for the third time. . .I was cuddled by volunteers, authors and illustrators alike as they delivered the festival and chaired events. It was at the end of that festival when we decided as a family to ask for help and Bath Festival took us under their umbrella.

What are your best memories of the festivals you’ve been to? 

I saw the real Tardis in my first festival and have the photo to prove it which is now very cool to tell people! Other highlights are meeting heroes and learning to make things. Every year I surprise everyone with my favourite event but I’m lucky I have insider information!

Which events are you looking forward to this year?

Chris Hadfield, Andy Stanton and Julian Clary – Space, Mr Gum and The Bolds!

What does the festival mean to you? 

It’s what my mum and dad do and I love going along. . .

Charlie’s recommendations for this year’s Bath Children’s Literature Festival:

Chris Hadfield

Andy Stanton

Julian Clary


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