Young Curator Diary: Day 4

Our young curator Eve introduced an event on Thursday, here’s her blog about it.

Thursday 3 October
Young Curators Blog

by Eve

In the morning, we attended Andy Briggs‘ event, called Tarzan. I thought it was an entertaining, interactive event, that I had the pleasure of introducing. I especially enjoyed the quiz at the end, which consisted of four different scenarios in the rainforest, where the Tarzan books are set. The audience then had to decide what they would do in each of the situations. The questions were multiple choice, and for each option, you got either three points, two points, or one point. Jess said, “I thought the Tarzan event was very inspiring, and extremely interactive!”

We then attended the “Shrinking Violet” event, which was also very interactive, although it was for a slightly younger audience. Lou Kuenzler, (the author of shrinking violet) involved the audience pretending they were on a rollercoster! All in all, it was a great day!

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