Young Curator Diary: Day 3

On Wednesday our Young Curators had a chance to help out with some behind the scenes work as Artist Care, and even got to introduce an event.

Wednesday 2 October
Young Curators Blog
by Jess

Today it was so weird getting up and not putting on school uniform but a bright green t-shirt. When I walked to the Guildhall it felt so different to see everyone staring at my Bath Children’s Literature top. When approaching the hall I saw a very nice spray paint of the Bath Festival logo on the pavement, which I just had to take a picture of.

When we arrived I went straight into the writers’ room and looked after the authors. I made lots of coffee and teas! I looked after the lovely author Helen Dennis and her publisher Caitlin. They were very welcoming and just positively wonderful. I was also introduced to Caroline, a volunteer, who was super. Everyone was extremely friendly, and as I was introducing the Code Breaker event Caroline gave me fantastic advice and soothed my nerves. We all had a laugh. When I introduced the event I was so nervous my hands and voice were shaking but I got through it without missing the bit about the all-important sponsors!

Helen did an amazing event, she really interacted with the audience and made it truly enjoyable. Later on I was sent out to buy sandwiches for the writers, I went out with a few of the other young curators, and it was a hard decision to choose which things to buy – there was so much choice. I went on to do a media project on the ‘Are iPads the new school books debate’, Hatti and Harison were on the panel with Fleur and Lucia and they did really well!!! Hatti and Harrison did an incredible job and they made the debate flow really well. One point that I liked which was made during the debate was ‘how many times when you write LOL do you actually laugh out loud’. Over all the day was phenomenal!

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