Young Curator Diary: Day 2

Tuesday was all about inspiration, creativity and marketing for our Young Curators. Let’s hand over to Hatti to tell us all about it…

Tuesday 1 October
Young Curator’
s Blog
by Hatti

It is such a strange feeling driving past all the other children, who are in their uniforms, going to school, especially when we are driving past in bright green t-shirts on our way to Bath for such an amazing day. And an amazing day it was.

Like yesterday, we began with a morning briefing in which we were told about all the events we would be attending in the day – mainly the ‘Children as Readers, Children as Writers’ Conference. Eve and I were to do social media so we were given a flip camera and told to ask the delegates about why they were attending the event and what they thought about the topic, ‘children as readers, children as writers’. It was a brilliant key note speech by David Almond in which he spoke about the wonders of children’s literature and how we as children have imaginations that no one can match. He made an intriguing comment about writers: “You shouldn’t ask a writer when they began writing, you should ask everyone else when they stopped.” Roseanna thought “the speech was interesting and inspiring”.

Inspiration was the next part of the day. In the workshop with Beth Webb, we were shown how to become inspired. This involved bubbles, chocolate and day dreaming! “I thought the bubbles were so much fun and an amazing way to clear your head” Alice said. Using this method, and with the help of Beth, we all created amazing ideas that were unique and entrancing. We even gave us a free book mark and book (both signed) and were asked to write a review to promote her book.

The final thing we did today was the marketing campaign. We were given an event to promote and came up with several ideas about how to promote them. “The marketing was such an interesting thing to do and I learnt a lot.” said Jess. Roseanna even came up with the idea of projecting posters on the side of buildings. We all thought it would be brilliant. Marketing is much fun.

Overall today has been brilliant and we have learnt lot from Beth and from Liz, who did the marketing with us. We are all looking forward to tomorrow and are really excited about what a new day will bring.

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