The Bath Festival 2022 Podcast

Introducing your festival fix, where you can now enjoy the highlights of The Bath Festival, May 2022, in the comfort of your home!

Missing festival week? Reminiscing about when you were in the same room as some of your favourite entertainers, authors, presenters and writers?

Well you can now get your Bath Festival on demand, thanks to our free podcast service. We’ve recorded some of the highlights of the festival (Marcus Brigstocke doing his best Jacob Rees-Mogg impression, PJ Harvey talking about her new poetry, the warm tones of Marian Keyes talking about her heroine Rachel + many more)

Great debates, funny stories, electrifying music, thought provoking content and expert tips and tricks are all part of what makes The Bath Festival so very special.

If you’ve a friend who needs cheering up direct them to The Bath Festival podcasts which can be found on Apple, Spotify and Amazon Music. Pick an event from the menu and off you go. The sound is crystal clear and you can listen again at your leisure.

They are available for 1 month only, so make sure you get your ears on them. Happy listening!

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