A lady stood in front of the Royal Crescent reading a Bath Festival programme from 1974

Bath Festivals Back in Time…

We made a very exciting discovery in the Bath Festivals office recently – photographic films from past festivals!

People sat on benches outside Bath Abbey

Although we can’t tell exactly when these images were taken, a few clues tell us that they range from the 1970s to the 1990s! Such as this lady enjoying a Bath Festival programme outside the Royal Crescent in 1974.

Lady stood outside the Royal Crescent reading a Bath Festival programme from 1974

Or this colourful banner from Bath International Music Festival 1995.

A 1995 Bath International Music Festival banner on a lampost

We’re pleased to see our children’s programme was still thriving at past events, like the children’s concert at the Guildhall.

Families inside the Guildhall listening to a band

Or this adorable Womble in the gardens!

A womble carved out of a hedge

You might recognise the balloon fiesta on the Royal Crescent…

Three hot air balloons taking off outside the Royal Crescent

Or the beautiful view from the Kite Festival at the top of Victoria Park…

Kites flying at the top of Victoria Park

And we can recognise some of our venues, like the Holburne Museum

String quartet inside Holburne Museum's picture gallery

and the Assembly Rooms!

An orchestra performing inside the Assembly Rooms

With our 75th anniversary coming up, we’ve enjoyed looking back at all the festivals, events and audiences. If you have any photographs or memorabilia from past festivals, please get in touch! Email us info@bathfestivals.org.uk.

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