A Day in the Festival Life of a PR Officer

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes at The Bath Festival?  While the festival would have been happening, we’re sharing a series of articles from our festival team and partners to give you some insight into what goes on to make the festival happen! Below is a day in festival life from PR Officer, Georgette McCready. If you are able to help the festival continue by donating please click here.

After years reporting on Bath Festivals as a journalist, it’s been exciting to become part of the behind-the-scenes team and see how the magic is created. As public relations officer a lot of my time is spent in the run-up contacting newspapers, radio stations, magazines and online editors to spread the news about what brilliant events and which big names we’ve got coming to Bath. Any press coverage we get throughout the year is pinned on a big noticeboard and before long, cuttings spill out to cover the office walls.

Above image: Festival cutting from the Bath Echo on The Bath Finale Weekend 2020

During the festival itself I work with our team of photographers trying to get the right balance of capturing a live event without intruding on the audience or the performers. I’m also responsible for reserving seats for reviewers and arranging interviews with authors and musicians.

Above image: Georgette’s favourite place to be on Party in the City night: Queens Square.

Like the rest of the festival team I am called on to carry boxes of programmes around the city, put up banners and artfully drape our re-usuable festival bunting up staircases to welcome visitors to some of the wonderful and historic venues that we use, including the Guildhall, the Forum and the Masonic Hall.

Our festival WhatsApp group buzzes throughout the day – sometimes long into the night – with requests for whiteboards, keys and assistance, and sometimes our timeline is simply filled with those “Wow! Did you see that?” moments that make The Bath Festival unique and special.

Georgette McCready, Public Relations Officer

Some of the team at The Bath Festival Finale Weekend 2019. Georgette is first on the left back row – rocking the shades! 

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