Young Curator Diary: Day 1

Our Young Curators have been working hard both in front of and behind the scenes over the week to help make the Festival special. They’ve also been keeping a diary of their time here which makes for some rather interesting reading.

Monday 30th September

Young Curator’s Blog

By Ella

I arrived at the Guildhall at 8:53am this morning. I meet Lou in the Writers Room, where we were given our timetables of tasks for the day. My first job consisted of looking after the authors before their event; making them tea, coffee and serving biscuits. They were all very pleasant. I was lucky enough to meet Andrew Motion whose event I watched with my fellow Young Curators. I found it very interesting and full of facts and information that would help young authors and poets. My friends said afterwards;

‘Andrew Motion is a very inspirational person, I love his work.’ Amelia

‘It was a very interesting experience to hear Andrew Motion talk about how he wrote the sequel to Treasure Island, Silver. Eve

We had a nice lunch. Next we took part in the Young Curators debate on healthy foods, which we had organised and two fellow, Young Curators, Hatti and Harrison chaired. Roseanna said afterwards I thought the debate was very interesting and I really enjoyed it.’

At the end of the day, we spent some time talking and thinking about our day and Harrison summed it up well: ‘Today has been less stressful then I thought it would be as I thought it would be non-stop work but it has been fun.’

See you all tomorrow!

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