Paper Nations projects hung up by string

Past Projects

We worked with Bath Spa University and NAWE on a 3 year programme from 2015-2018 funded by Arts Council England’s Creative Writing in Schools programme. The programme aimed to inspire young people to write creatively and for pleasure. As part of this programme, we delivered a series of creative writing projects in B&NES and Somerset schools and Bristol Children’s Hospital, exploring ways to enable children to develop their own writing and see themselves as writers. We also delivered a series of events celebrating the work
of the programme at our festivals. You can read more about Paper Nations here.

Building Bridges was a music inclusion project funded by Youth Music and B&NES Music Hub, working with vulnerable young people through workshops, one to one sessions and performance to develop resilience, confidence, and self-esteem as well as vital speaking and listening skills. The project enabled Music Leaders to build long-term, meaningful relationships with participants and work in collaboration with youth workers from B&NES Youth Connect whilst based at Southside and Peasedown St John Youth Hubs in Bath and North East Somerset.

School Without Walls is all about doing school differently and supporting children to be active citizens in their learning and in their community. During May 2017, Bath Festivals and the Egg Theatre worked with Westfield Primary School who took part in a 5 week residency, doing school at the egg and in the city. The children had the opportunity to see plays each week, to access the festival activities and to work with artists Alice Maddicott, Sarah Moody and Catherine Lamont Robinson to explore their own learning journeys. You can read more about the residency in this case study.

In 2016-17, School Without Walls was funded through Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Teacher Development Fund and was delivered by Bath Cultural Education Partnership (BCEP).