Inspiring and empowering children and young people through the arts

We deliver a year round programme of music and literature projects which give children and young people opportunities to work with leading arts professionals, gain real-world experience, grow passions and interests, gain access to cultural events and create and produce their own events.

Our Festivals provide a focus for inspiration and celebration, and a platform that gives value to the voices of children and young people from Bath and the surrounding area.

We strive to ensure that the children and young people’s ideas, views and creative vision is at the heart of the projects we undertake, actively involving them in the creative process. We support and encourage children and young people to create songs, stories and poems, performances of their own work, installations and publications. We have enabled them to gain in self-esteem, to make new friends and to take new paths with confidence.

Working in partnership allows us to learn more, to reach further and to have more impact on the young people we work with. We work alongside children and young people, schools and colleges, Youth Connect South WestBath Spa Universitythe egg Theatre, House of ImaginationMentoring Plus and other cultural organisations across Bath & North East Somerset.

In 2019 we delivered 74 sessions and events for over 7500 children, young people, parents and educators, worked with 76 schools and organisations and employed over 60 authors, illustrators, musicians, artists and arts practitioners.

In 2020 we delivered the Reading is Magic Festival to an estimated 150,000 people in schools and homes across the world.