– St James Wine Vaults

18.30 – 19.00
Mighty Dynamite
Mighty Dynamite are a joyful merging of musical styles. With their sideways look at life and love, getting feet dancing and faces smiling, sure to be your new favourite band.
FB: @MightyDynamite Twitter: ​​@bennettbikes

19.20 – 19.50
Danny McMahon
Danny McMahon is a country/pop singer-songwriter, currently the reigning ISSA Entertainer Of The Year. So far this year Danny’s latest EP Senses entered the iTunes Chart at No8 all genre, as well hitting number 1 in the Country Charts. He toured across the UK this year, and will soon be heading to play the States this summer.
IG: @dannymcmahonuk Twitter: @dannymcmahonuk FB: @dannymcmahonuk

20.10 – 20.40
Clemencie will bring you polished Synthpop that meets indie rock, which will make you want to dance around your kitchen and shout along to lyrics about an ex you never dated.
IG: @clemencieband Twitter: @clemencieband FB: @clemencieband
TikTok: @clemencieband

21.00 – 21.30
Dubbed ‘Bristol’s leading folk-pop force’ by Tap The Feed, Sugarmoon are turning heads with daring and fun folk-pop, heavily laced with blues, jazz and rock. FFO The Beatles, The Doors, Belle & Sebastian.
IG: @​​sugarmoonband FB: @sugarmoonband Twitter: @sugarmoon_band

21.50 – 22.30
The Surlings
Indie/indie rock
The Surlings push the boundaries of modern ‘pop’. Think 60’s psychedelia fused with delicate folk-like vocals and instrumentation. By permeating diverse genres and stitching them together, The Surlings create something unique and original.
IG: @thesurlings FB: @TheSurlings