– Bath Brewhouse

Dr3w Hall Trio
Bluesy Acoustic
Dr3w Hall trio brings bluesy and soulful acoustic music. Followed with We Are Parkas who bring an unapologetic rock and roll from Bristol. Molly Green is a singer-songwriter who brings a jazzy and soulful-based music style.
FB: @dr3w.uk

We Are Parkas
Rock ‘n’ roll
We Are Parkas bring an unapologetic rock and roll from Bristol. Expect nothing less than bone crushing riffs, anthemic choruses and songs that drip with irresistible attitude.
Twitter: ​​@we_are_parkas

Molly Green
Jazz, soul
Molly Green brings a jazzy, soulful undertone combined with a love for RnB, reggae and disco make for an interesting style, unusual to other singer-songwriters of her age.
IG: @iammollygreen FB: @IAMmollyGreen Twitter: @IAMmollyGreen TikTok: @iammollygreen

Earl St. John Djs
Earl is a multi-talented, multi-tasking, mood altering maverick of a music maker, bringing you a blend of sounds and the very best of Balearic cool house tunes.
IG: @djearlstjohn