The Life Inside: Andy West

Saturday 14 May 2022
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
The Forum
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Andy West teaches philosophy in prisons, listening as the inmates explore new ways to think about their situation. He also confronts his own inherited guilt: his father, uncle and brother all spent time in prison. He talks to Caroline Sanderson about The Life Inside, his wise and frequently funny debut book that blends memoir, storytelling and gentle philosophical questioning.

Andy West has written for 3AM, the Guardian, The Times Education Supplement, The Millions, Litro, Boundless and Bloomsbury. He lives in London and works for the Philosophy Foundation. He has taught philosophy in prisons since 2016. The Life Inside is his first book.

‘An authentic, fascinating and deeply moving story about the different ways people search for freedom’ – Terry Waite

‘Andy West’s tense and intimate book is an education – a completely unsentimental and, for that reason, a compassionate and moving one’ – Geoff Dyer

Twitter: @AndyWPhilosophy