Share Your Story with Cathy Rentzenbrink and Nikesh Shukla

Saturday 14 May 2022
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Assembly Rooms
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Telling stories helps us make sense of ourselves. Would you like to write but aren’t sure where to start? This special festival event brings together two bestselling authors Cathy Rentzenbrink (Write it All Down) and Nikesh Shukla (Your Story Matters) to inspire and steer you through the philosophical and practical challenges

Cathy Rentzenbrink is an acclaimed memoirist whose books include The Last Act of Love and Dear Reader. In 2021 she published her first novel Everyone is Still Alive and her book on how to write a memoir is Write It All Down. Cathy regularly chairs literary events, interviews authors, reviews books, runs creative writing courses and speaks and writes on life, death, love, and literature.

Nikesh Shukla FRSL is a British author and screenwriter. His writing focuses on race, racism, identity, and immigration. He is the editor of the 2016 collection of essays The Good Immigrant, which features contributions from Riz Ahmed, Musa Okwonga, Bim Adewunmi, and Reni Eddo-Lodge, among others.

On Write it All Down: “This is not a book whose intended audience has had the privilege of a creative writing MA (or a sternly encouraging grandfather); it’s for anyone who picks up a pen, or sits before the ominously blank computer screen, and wonders if they have it in them to write.” – The Guardian review

On The Good Immigrant: “This book does a fantastic job of opening your eyes to the subtleties of what it means to be British and an immigrant. Over a variety of essays of differing lengths and perspectives it shows, sometimes passively and sometimes with the fervour of a sermon, how life is different for those society deems are just a bit too different. It is the exact enemy of ignorance, including my own, because it simply presents in a personal way how the personal experience differs when your skin tone isn’t white.” – Simon Clarke, Goodreads

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