11:15 AM - 12:15 PM
Assembly Rooms
£10 (excl. fees)
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About the Event

To the Scottish archaeologist, writer and broadcaster, the British Isles, this archipelago of islands, is the best place in the world and from north to south, east to west it cradles astonishing beauty. He talks to Steven Gale about The Story of the British Isles in 100 Places, his very personal account of the places that have witnessed the unfolding of history.

About the Author

Neil Oliver is a Scottish archaeologist, historian, broadcaster and writer who has become widely known as the presenter of BBC television’s flagship 10-part series A History of Scotland. Before that his distinctive style was much in evidence as a charismatic presenter of the award-winning multi-part documentary series Coast and the author of its bestselling tie-in book.

His archaeological training at Glasgow University was put to good use in BBC2’s series Two Men in a Trench where he visited historic British battlefields and attempted to recreate the events of each battle. He co-wrote the two accompanying books. He has also appeared as a contributor on The One Show, and as a presenter on The History Detectives, Time Team and Channel 4’s The Face of Britain. His Amazing Tales for Making Me Out of Boys is published by Penguin. He lives in Stirling with his wife and three children.