8:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Assembly Rooms
£15 (excl. fees)
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About the Event

A Saturday evening double bill treat. To kick off, Observer chief film critic and broadcaster Mark Kermode talks about his memoir, How Does It Feel: A Life of Musical Misadventure, detailing his foolhardy attempts to fulfil dreams of stardom. After the interval he’ll be joined onstage by The Dodge Brothers, bringing an exuberant hybrid of country blues, rockabilly and skiffle guaranteed to get feet stomping and hands clapping.

There will be an interval during this event and the bar will be open.

‘Wonderful stuff’ BOB HARRIS, BBC RADIO 2 ”

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About the Artists

Mark Kermode is Chief Film Critic for the Observer and co-host of Kermode and Mayo’s Film Review on BBC Radio 5 Live. He is the author of IT’S ONLY A MOVIE; THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE MULTIPLEX; THE MOVIE DOCTORS (with Simon Mayo) and HATCHET JOB, hailed by Stephen Fry as ‘the finest film critic in Britain at the absolute top of his form.’ He plays double bass and harmonica in The Dodge Brothers, the award-winning skiffle-and-blues band, who also accompany silent movies. He has written and presented film and music shows on Channel 4 and across BBC radio and television. He holds two Sony Awards for his radio programmes, and The Dodge Brothers album The Sun Set was voted Blues Album of the Year 2013 by the roots music magazine Spiral Earth.

The Dodge Brothers are renowned for playing the hell out of classic Americana. Described as “wonderful stuff” by Radio 2 presenter Bob Harris, they play an exuberant hybrid of country blues, rockabilly, jugband and skiffle. Firmly rooted in these traditions The Dodge Brothers bring to them a freshness that has feet stomping and hands clapping from California to Cropredy, from the Mississippi to the New Forest. Their songs feature vocal virtuosity and heartfelt harmonies underpinned by joyous guitars, thumping double bass and rattlin’ snare and washboard.

The Dodge Brothers features Mike Hammond (lead guitar, lead vocals, banjo), Mark Kermode (bass, harmonica, vocals), Aly Hirji (rhythm guitar, mandolin, vocals) and Alex Hammond (washboard, snare drum, percussion). Their music has an authentically American tang – lead guitarist/vocalist Mike Hammond was raised in Alabama and his youthful musical travels took him all over the southern and western USA – but with a strong British perspective from Culture Show presenter and film critic Mark Kermode.


‘Wonderful – such a terrific read. HOW DOES IT FEEL? hit me right between the eyes. It brilliantly captures the passion, commitment, searing self-knowledge and dizzy happiness that comes with loving music. An enchanting book’ STEPHEN FRY ON HOW DOES IT FEEL: A LIFE OF A MUSICAL MISADVENTURE

‘Oh boy! A rocking whirlwind of a tale. People get into bands originally for the sheer love of the life and the music. Few manage to retain that dizzying adolescent crush like Mark Kermode’ DANNY BAKER ON HOW DOES IT FEEL: A LIFE OF A MUSICAL MISADVENTURE

‘Mark Kermode’s wonderful and wry book is a compelling combination of heartfelt enthusiasm, merciless self-analysis and a pleasingly full Rolodex of terrible band names. A true fan, he has the rare gift of making you want to discover things from the margins while never looking down on the mainstream. His writing feels like one of those letters you always wish to receive, one whose sole purpose seems to be to increase your zest for life’ RICHARD AYOADE ON HOW DOES IT FEEL: A LIFE OF A MUSICAL MISADVENTURE

‘A delight. If Nick Hornby’s HIGH FIDELITY and the Kinks’ greatest hits had a baby, and that baby could play skiffle, it would be this book’ HADLEY FREEMAN ON HOW DOES IT FEEL: A LIFE OF A MUSICAL MISADVENTURE