Litwitchure with Abigail Bergstrom

Saturday 14 May 2022
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Literature Lounge
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Join author Abigail Bergstrom as she has her tarot read by Jen Cownie and Fiona Lensvelt (Wild Card) who also perform together as Litwitchure. The cards will guide the conversation as they explore the many captivating themes of Abigail’s new book What a Shame, including friendship, consent, relationship breakdown and love. Expect the unexpected! There’s no way of knowing what the cards will reveal.

Abigail Bergstrom is an entrepreneurial leader and an expert in the world of publishing. Abigail graduated in English from King’s College London and started her career at the international publishing house, Simon & Schuster, where she commissioned and edited books. She then went on to set up and launch the literary agency, Gleam Titles, which saw multiple bestselling and record-breaking books. Working in publishing for over a decade, she has shepherded over thirty-four titles onto bestseller lists and has built some of today’s biggest book brands. Nominated for Literary Agent of the Year 2020, Abigail marked out her territory as an industry leader in navigating the cross section between digital and print, speaking at international conferences on the subject and getting listed in “The Bookseller 150” which names the book trade’s most influential. She writes for national magazines and broadsheets, including ELLE, Sunday Times Style, the Telegraph and Refinery29.

Jen Cownie works as a strategy director in a creative agency, which is either the opposite of being a fortune teller, or the exact same thing, depending on who you ask. If any of her clients are reading this, she’d like to reassure them that her strategic recommendations are never, ever based on the tarot.

Fiona Lensvelt, by day, is a commissioning editor at Unbound. Previously, she worked on the books desk at The Times, and still works as a freelance journalist because, as she always says, three jobs are better than one. She once interviewed the Dalai Lama, but didn’t read his tarot cards.

Twitter: @AbigailBergstrm /@cownifer / @FionaWilson_
Instagram: @litwitchure / @abigailbergstrom /@cownifer / @fionalensvelt