Harriet Evans

Saturday 14 May 2022
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Literature Lounge
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Harriet Evans has written 13 bestselling novels and worked for many years as an editor with authors such as Marian Keyes and Sue Townsend. In early 2020 she moved to Bath, where her family has lived for 200 years. Harriet will be talking to writer and broadcaster Francesa Beauman about her latest novel, The Beloved Girls, the sometimes strange life of being labelled a ‘women’s fiction’ author, the secrets of a long writing career, and living and writing in Bath.

Harriet was born in Bloomsbury and moved to Chiswick as a child, spent her teenage years in Ealing and studied Classical Studies at Bristol University. She then ventured back to London and began a career in publishing, then working with HarperCollins for 10 years and eventually turning to writing full time.

“I used to think I was the biggest freak alive and no one would be able to reach into my weird head and make sense of it. I suppose that’s what keeps me going now – once you realise people are interested in what’s in your weird head you want to get those stories down, to keep them gripped and give pleasure for a few hours.” – Harriet Evans

Book release date: The Beloved Girls, 28 April 2022

Website: www.harriet-evans.com
Twitter: @HarrietEvans
Instagram: @harrietevansauthor
Facebook: Harriet Evans: Lady Novelist