CPD Course: Creative Writing to develop Writing Outcomes

In this newly launched programme we offer teachers the opportunity to develop their understanding and expertise in teaching creative writing to support learning and writing outcomes for children. The programme offers three INSET sessions and online support to introduce creative writing activities and techniques and reflect on the practice introduced by the programme to the classroom. Together we will identify further opportunities to stimulate creative writing and ways for schools to get involved with our vibrant literature festivals.

Course Date: To be announced

Location: The Holburne Museum

Time: 4 – 6.30pm

Led by: Emma Metcalfe & Louise Betts

Outcomes for Teachers:

  • A range of practical approaches to literacy that will lead to interesting and exciting learning in the classroom.
  • Support from practising creative writers, leading to learning in the classroom that is relevant and current.
  • A real world context for literacy development – so that children and teachers can see the point and excitement of learning: such as writing for audiences, to get ideas across, to convey emotions, to facilitate change, to make a living and are therefore motivated to learn and develop.
  • Development of your own creative writing practice.

Benefits for Teachers:

  • Being part of a growing network of teachers connecting and learning from each other; getting together regularly to swap ideas and approaches.
  • The Telegraph Bath Festival of Children’s Literature Friends Membership for one year, offering priority booking for events and special offers.
  • Preferential access and rates to Bath Festivals’ Teachers as Writers scheme.
  • Preferential access and involvement in festival events and learning projects

Outcomes for Children and Young People:

  • Approaches to literacy that engage and motivate, develop skills and build confidence.
  • More engaged and confident learners.
  • Sense of purpose and understanding about use and power of literacy in the real world.
  • Connecting literacy to interest and passion (e.g. for boys).

This programme is based upon the success of Bath Festivals’ flagship creative writing project, the Write Team; a three year project working 11 schools and professional writers to boost children’s communication and literacy skills, and to support teachers in developing their teaching practice.   It is nationally acknowledged for the impact it achieved, as evidenced through the external evaluation by the University of Exeter.


‘The Write Team taught the children to look at things differently, in more depth. They were spontaneous; the activities encouraged the pupils to make new connections, lots of connections.  I now teach writing the way I used to when I first trained, the way I want to teach writing, without the constraints of time and class sizes.‘ Dawn Elliott, Saltford Teaching School


For further information please e-mail Louise Betts on education@bathfestivals.org.uk