At The Independent Bath Literature Festival 2013 we will be celebrating the publication of The New Penguin Book of English Folk Songs, edited by Steve Roud and Julia Bishop. During the Festival, which will take place from 1 – 10 March, we will be challenging local musicians, choirs, community groups, storytellers and readers to perform the whole selection of songs throughout the Festival. You can interpret the folk songs any way you like: you could sing, act, rap, read and bring along musicians. Performances will take place at various indoor and outdoor locations in Bath and further afield on each day of the Festival. We will allocate songs to each act, so that we ensure all 151 songs are read or sung!

If you would like to take part please send an email to with a short biography about your act, and your availability between 1 and 10 March 2013.

Performance slots are available at the following events:

Date Venue Chapter title
Friday 1 March Around Bath City Centre, all day Soldiers and Sailors
Sunday 3 March Outside Holburne Museum, 2pm Unhappy Love
Monday 4 March Guildhall Salon, 4.30pm Lust, Infidelity and Bad Living
Wednesday 6 March Keynsham Library, 5.30pm Rural Life and Occupations
Thursday 7 March Radstock Library, 5pm Songs of Death and Destruction
Friday 8 March Milsom Place, 5.30pm Lovers’ Tricks, Disguises and Obstacles Overcome
Saturday 9 March 10.30am, Midsomer Norton Library Happy Relationships
 Saturday 9 March 4.30 – 5.30pm, The Court Room, Guildhall (Limited availability) Poachers, Highwaymen and Other Criminals
Sunday 10th March 8 – 9pm, Guildhall Salon Animals and Nonsense