Book Tots

book-totsThis is a project to stimulate and support pre-school children and their families, across Bath and North East Somerset, to engage with books and reading to develop their creative and communication skills.

Through our partnerships with Bath & North East Somerset Libraries and early years settings, we develop work with children and parents in challenging circumstances who might not currently engage with the cultural activity offered by Bath Festivals through the Bath Festival of Children’s Literature, Bath Literature Festival and Bath International Music Festival and other cultural organisations.

Through a series of workshops and staff training we support the children to explore their own stories and magical imaginations enabling them to develop their creative skills, increase their sense of well-being and enjoyment of learning.


“The project has helped to develop the children’s imaginations, interest in books and storytelling.  Meeting a real author was special for the children but working with Chrissie Weltike was inspiring for children, staff and parents.  It has been a great project to be part of. Parents/carers saw that even young children have fertile imaginations” Children’s Centre Manager

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