School Without Walls is all about doing school differently and supporting children to be active citizens in their learning and in their community. During May 2017, Bath Festivals and the egg worked with Westfield Primary School who took part in a 5 week residency, doing school at the egg and in the city. The children had the opportunity to see plays each week, to access the festival activities and to work with artists Alice Maddicott, Sarah Moody and Catherine Lamont Robinson to explore their own learning journeys.

As part of this residency we invited the children to create their own event for Party in the City. They had one week to design, create and produce the event, and the children chose what areas they wanted to work in, for example performers, technical and lighting or front of house. We also appointed a Director and Assistant Director for the show, and those children that wanted these roles took part in interviews with staff from the Festival. The children were incredibly professional in their approach and produced a very successful show which they performed to friends, family and the public.

You can read more about the residency in this case study.

In 2016-17, School Without Walls was funded through Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Teacher Development Fund and was delivered by Bath Cultural Education Partnership (BCEP): 5x5x5=creativity, the egg theatre, Mentoring Plus and Bath Festivals. BCEP came together as a group with a passion for engaging children and young people in artistic practice and cultural learning, and with a united vision in finding a shared voice around participation in the arts.