The Secret School Invasion with Pamela Butchart

Sunday 02 October 2022
2:30 PM - 3:15 PM
The Guildhall
£8.50 (excl. fees)
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Age: 6+

Izzy and her friends are shocked when a whole load of new kids join their school. They’ve got shiny shoes, smart blazers and they sing REALLY LOUDLY. But it’s when the new kids use a SECRET LANGUAGE that they know… The new kids are here to TAKE OVER THE SCHOOL! EVERYBODY PANIC! Join Blue Peter Award-winning author Pamela Butchart for LOTS of giggles as she chats about her hilarious new book, The Secret School Invasion. There’ll be seriously silly stories and LOTS of crisps, and the chance to ask Pamela your own questions.

About the Author
Pamela Butchart
– As a child, Pamela was lucky enough to grow up in a house full of pets and go to primary school where lots of spooky and weird things happened (well, in her imagination at least). As a student, Pamela’s student jobs included: fishwife, teaching basketball in America, phlebotomist and Artist Liaison for a (really bad) Abba tribute band. Her top selling stories include The Spy Who Loved School Dinners which won the Blue Peter Best Story Award and My Head Teacher is a Vampire Rat which won The Children’s Book Award. Two of her books, Petunia Perry and the Curse of the Ugly Pigeon and There’s a Werewolf on My Tent, were shortlisted for the Lollies – the Laugh Out Loud Awards. Pamela lives in Dundee with her baby boy and their two awesome cats, Bear and Carlos. If she wasn’t working as a writer and a teacher, she’d like to open a luxury hotel for cats.

Twitter: @Pamela_Butchart
Facebook: /PamelaButchartBooks