The Magic of Myths with Jasbinder Bilan

Wednesday 29 September 2021
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
The Forum Ballroom
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Tickets will need to be purchased for both adults and children.

Bath-based Jasbinder Bilan is celebrated for her ability to combine poetic prose with page-turning storytelling that plunges the reader into the adventure full gusto. She writes with a vivid sense of place, drawing on her heritage, experiences and the Indian myths of her childhood. Jasbinder will tell you some of those myths and explore common themes, threads and characters from mythology across cultures. She’ll show you how to weave the magic of myths into your own storytelling, just as she has done in her new novel Aarti & the Blue Gods.

According to family stories, Jasbinder was born in a stable in the foothills of the Himalayas. Until she was a year and a half, she lived on a farm inhabited by a grumpy camel and a monkey called Oma. Jasbinder graduated from Bath Spa University where the seeds of her story were nurtured, but it was the incredible bond with her grandmother which was the inspiration for Costa Children’s Book Award-winning Asha & the Spirit Bird. 

Twitter: @jasinbath

Instagram: @jasbinderbilan

For these events, you only need to buy a ticket for each child joining in with the activities. We ask parents/guardians to drop children off at the venue, sign them in, and leave a mobile contact number in case of emergencies. However, adults can attend for free if they need to stay or if their child is under 7 years of age.

This event is supported by Victoria Art Gallery in connection with their Myths and Monsters exhibition. This winter, the Myths and Monsters exhibition at Victoria Art Gallery will link the worlds of literature, art and myth with some of the very best (and worst) monsters you could expect to meet. Find out more at