Stormzy’s Superheroes with Sophia Thakur and Denzell Dankwah

Saturday 25 September 2021
11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
The Forum Ballroom
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Ages: 9-12

Tickets will need to be purchased for both adults and children.

Curated by Stormzy and #Merky Books, Superheroes is an inspiring collection of modern day heroes from across the worlds of sport, music, food, the arts and more. The contributors include dancer Princess K, sprinter Dina Asher-Smith, broadcaster Reggie Yates, actor Riz Ahmed and many others. 

Performance poet and author Sophia Thakur has written a brilliant profile for each superhero, alongside illustrations by Denzell Dankwah. Join them both to hear more about the superheroes and to create your own superhero written and illustrated tribute. 

The book has an introduction by Stormzy and royalties are being donated to the #Merky Charitable Foundation.

Twitter: @SophiaThakur

Instagram: @sophiathakur | @denzelldankwah_art

For these events, you only need to buy a ticket for each child joining in with the activities. We ask parents/guardians to drop children off at the venue, sign them in, and leave a mobile contact number in case of emergencies. However, adults can attend for free if they need to stay or if their child is under 7 years of age.