Perfectly Weird, Perfectly You with Camilla Pang

Saturday 01 October 2022
4:00 PM - 4:45 PM
The Guildhall
£8.50 (excl. fees)
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Age: 8+

Did you know that finding your confidence is a lot like programming a computer? Or that understanding photosynthesis can teach you about following your passions? And that peer pressure and Isaac Newton have more in common than you might think? Well, hear about this and more in this event with Dr Camilla Pang who will give you insights into her scientific survival guide to growing up! Camilla will give you tips on finding your feet and discovering your quirks so that you can grow up Perfectly Weird, Perfectly You.

As a child Camilla Pang loved patterns and putting things in order. She was obsessed with Stephen Hawking. And the only language she really understood was science. Diagnosed with autism at age 8, Camilla saw the world very differently. But with science as her sidekick, she was able to translate ideas she could understand (like gravity, photosynthesis and algorithms) onto things she couldn’t (like peer pressure, emotions and finding your voice). Today, Camilla is a scientist and an award-winning author, and she is here to share her scientific survival guide with you – so you can grow up with the courage to be yourself, no matter how different you feel or how tricky you might find it to connect. Because the hard part of growing up isn’t dealing with other people (their opinions, their popularity or their exam results). No, the hard part is you: learning who you are and what makes you tick. And the really hard part is accepting that it’s completely normal to be perfectly weird. In fact, it’s essential to growing up happy.

Instagram: @dr.camillapang
Twitter: @millzymai