Everything You Know About Dinosaurs is Wrong! with Dr Nick Crumpton

Saturday 01 October 2022
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM
St Swithin’s Church
£8.50 (excl. fees)
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Age: 7+

Did you know that the fact that all dinosaurs become fossils is wrong? Or the fact that all dinosaurs were enormous is ALSO wrong? It’s time to become a palaeontology pro! Dr Nick Crumpton (Everything You Know About Dinosaurs is Wrong!) is joined by Dr Susannah Maidment for a dino-tastic event. Jam packed with prehistoric myth-busting, fluffy dinosaurs, intrepid palaeontologists, and a little bit about how science actually works – plus you’ll never look at a pigeon the same way again!

Dr Nick Crumpton grew up in the UK on a diet of David Attenborough documentaries and hand-me-down Sega games before reading ecology at Leeds University. He moved to beautiful Bristol to research the ancient mammals that lived during the time of the dinosaurs, before he wrote a PhD at the University of Cambridge. He worked at the BBC Natural History Unit and then the Natural History Museum, London, before science-ing at the Zoological Society London and University College London, where he occasionally teaches. As well as writing for children, he works as a zoological consultant. His favourite animals are lowland streaked tenrecs, and he has an aversion to cobras (after one very nearly bit him on his bottom when he wasn’t paying attention).

Twitter: @LSmonster