Friday 29 Sept - Sunday 8 Oct 2017

World Elite Dance Academy: Billie’s Big Audition

Year 6
The Downs School

Once you’ve started reading you won’t be able to put this book down. Kimberly Wyatt has a way of writing that makes you want to read on, she makes sure every chapter ends with a with a cliff-hanger and quotes that stay in your mind for days.

Billie, the main character, has a dream of being a professional dancer.  However, with money tight at home and no Dad to help her overcome her fears at WEDA (World Elite Dance Academy) she has ‘attacks of the what-ifs’ and times she questions herself whether her dream can become a reality.

Her best friend at WEDA is Tilly, a very defiant girl who has a passion for dance and encourages Billie to overcome her pangs of doubt.  Also in Billie’s group of friends are dance legend Rafael, MJ a boy with few words, and Andre who has more words than most. It doesn’t seem that bad until mean girl Cassandra keeps getting Billie into trouble and she struggles to keep her place at WEDA.  However, Billie ends her first term in a way you won’t expect. Even Mrs Murphy, the head of WEDA, who Billie very much admires, applauds the unexpected final dance showcase.

Aside from the rollercoaster of a plot, there are some hidden gems of imagery. ‘A kaleidoscope of colour’ can really make you picture in your mind all the colours of the rainbow mixed together and ‘tangerine sky’ which really creates an image of a tangy, tasty sky!

For any of those who enjoy reading Jacqueline Wilson books the style of this book is very much like hers. I would recommend this brilliant book to ages 6-10. As well as a fantastically good read it encourages you to do your best. I give this book a ten out of ten! And I can’t wait for the next book!


Age: 9
Peasedown St John Primary School
Lydia’s Favourite Author: Chris Riddell

Did you like the main characters in this story? Why?:
Yes, because she’s kind, tries really hard and never ever gives up!

What happens in this story?:
A called Billie wins the chance to go to WEDA, the best dance academy in the country. This story is about her term – how she makes friends, overcomes problems and finds her inner swag. Will she get to perform at the Royal Albert Hall?

Which parts did you like best and why?:
My favourite part was when they found out for the first time street dance was on the curriculum.

Who do you think would enjoy this book?:
7-12 year olds (mainly girls) because it would be easier to understand some of the issues.

Describe this book in 3 words:
Dance, authentic, friendship.

You can see Kimberley Wyatt on Weds 4th October at 4.30pm

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