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The Royal Rabbits of London Review

Year 5
Bathwick St.Mary’s Primary School
Matilda’s Favourite Book: The Girl Who Rode the Wind

This story is all about a weak rabbit called Shylo who overhears a plan by some rats to embarrass the Queen. Shylo has to solve the case and go to London.

I liked the bit in the story best when they find the secret tunnel because I like how the author really explained Shylo’s nerves in detail. The characters started to become more interesting deeper into the story. I think those aged 8 and older, especially girls, would enjoy this book as there aren’t many tricky words.

Describe this book in 3 words:
Funny, exciting, amazing.

Age: 9
Royal High Junior School

This book would be ideal for readers who enjoy fantasy  stories. It starts in a deep dark burrow on the edge of a forest. Inside the rabbit hole live a family of Bunkin rabbits; the youngest of whom is called Shylo Tawny Tail. Shylo is the weakest and the smallest bunny from his family. His siblings tease him and mock him all day long. One day he overhears a group of rats talking about a terrible plot against the Queen. After escaping the rats Shylo takes a trip to the City to tell the Royal Rabbits of London what the horrible rats are planning. Once he reaches London he has to find a rabbit with red paws and a badge under a willow tree, and repeat a secret old code to him. After a lot of adventures and explanations Shylo helps the Royal Rabbits to stop the rat’s plot. As a reward for his bravery, Shylo is given a very special gift that will last his lifetime.

I really enjoyed reading The Royal rabbits of London. It was a fun and exciting story, and the book was full of beautiful illustrations by Kate Hindley. My favourite quote from the book is “Life is an adventure, anything is possible by will and by luck with a moist carrot, wet nose and a slice of mad courage!”


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