Friday 29 Sept - Sunday 8 Oct 2017

The Lie Tree Review

The Lie Tree is a gripping novel about a girl, Faith, trying to solve her father’s murder with an unlikely ally when no one else believes her. I thought that the book was very well written and it was quite magical in a scientific way! I found the concept of the tree growing with lies very interesting and metaphorical as to how things can grow from even the smallest of lies. The Lie Tree is set in a period of time where, in England, women being intelligent is frowned upon and Faith is very clever so she has to make excuses about she knows so much about natural sciences and I just found it interesting how, even though clever women aren’t frowned upon nowadays, the men in science greatly outweigh the women which I think is mainly because of the way men saw women hundreds of years ago, that Hardinge describes so well. All in all, it was great read and I would definitely recommend it.

Review by: Alice
Ralph Allen School

You can see Frances Hardinge along with Lucy Saxon & Maggie Harcourt on Sunday 8th October at 4.15pm.

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