Friday 29 Sept - Sunday 8 Oct 2017

The City That Bleeds Gold Review

If I’m honest, I would have never chosen this book; the cover made me think it would be some hero story for boys. You should never judge a book by its cover – this is the perfect example.

Yes, the novel is about a hero, but there’s more than that. The story was one of those non-stop-can’t-put-it-down types of story. Noah’s lief is full of unexpected adventure.

‘The City that Bleeds Gold’ is written extremely well, to the point where the real world slips away and you feel as though you’re in the room with Noah. It made me smile at the good parts, frown at the sad and even made me want to yell and throw the book at the wall.

Everything about the story is gripping. It was a fantastic read.

Year 9
Writhlington School

You can see Lucy Saxon with Frances Hardinge and Maggie Harcourt on Sunday 8th Oct at 4.15pm.

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