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Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam: Up, Up and Away Review

The Downs School

This book is full of fun and character it contains three short stories all with interesting and mysterious themes.

Shifty and Sam the two main characters are bakers that seek to solve mysteries, are on adventures racing to beat Red Rocket, looking for a master jewel thief and jousting for a dragon costume. These short stories all have new story lines that are fun and mysterious.

Both Shifty and Sam have strong Characteristics my own personal favourite is Sam as he has a cheeky and childish side which shines through in the book.

I recommend this book to anyone aged between 5-8 or anyone who particularly enjoys picture books as this book has amazing illustration on each page which helps you to picture their adventures more vividly. There are more Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam books by Tracy and Steven which I’m sure you will enjoy as well.

I thought this book was overall a fabulous read for young readers and I would strongly recommend it. I would award this book 9/10, for its fun story line and fantastic illustrations.


Year 3
Widcombe Junior School

This is an adventure story but funny things happen to the characters along the way. I really like the pictures, too. This book could be for boys or girls, everyone will enjoy it! I have already lent it to my friend to read.


Year 3
Widcombe Junior School

There are three stories in this book, so it’s like having a story every night, instead of reading a chapter book. One story is about a race in their ice-cream van; one is about a thief stealing gold; and the last one is about a mystery parcel and they don’t know who it’s for. Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam are always in a muddle. It’s fun to read  and I really like the black and blue pictures.


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