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Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam: The Spooky School Review

Age: 8
Royal High Junior School
Matilda’s Favourite Author: Stacy Gregg

I enjoyed this book because of the fun and excitement in it. As the three stories in this book are rather small, they’re perfect for younger children to read. I loved how Shifty’s and Sam’s gadgets are all made of cooking things, it was like my fantasy land. My favourite story was The Wacky Weather Week because of the bad guy Red Rocket who was hilarious.


Age: 7
Peasedown Primary School
Becca’s Favourite Author: Jeff Kinney

Did you like the main characters in this story? Why?:
Because they are always there to save the day.

What happens in this story?:
They go to a spooky school, a wacky weather week and they go to a museum.

What parts did you like best and why?:
Red Rocket’s part because he is a red panda and I like red pandas.

Who do you think would enjoy this book?:
People that have dogs.

Describe this book in 3 words:
Amazing, funny, spooky.


Age: 9
St. John’s Catholic Primary School

This book is about two dogs who try to save the world with their cooking weapons(?) in three short stories. They have to face a ghost, a red panda and skunks (ewwwww). I thought this book was really funny and would recommend it to year 3 and 4 primary school children. The chapters are really short and the children wouldn’t get bored. It really made me laugh and I read it quickly. I give it five stars out of five.

Librarian’s view:
A great book for newly confident readers. The beautiful two colour illustrations and the funny stories make it a hit! Lovely to read aloud and share as a bed time story too.

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