Friday 29 Sept - Sunday 8 Oct 2017

My Name is Book: An Autobiography Review

This book is like a timeline of books but is told as a diary entry. When I read it I found out that hardback books were invented before paperbacks. The book tells you the story of books – it is a bit strange but not too long. I think children who are 8+ will like this as it is short and an easy book to read. If you don’t like non-fiction this is a good non-fiction book to read as it isn’t really like non-fiction. There are lots of quotes from authors in this book and my favourite one was “I have always imagined paradise to be a kind of library” by Jorge Luis Borges.

Age: 10
St. John’s Catholic Primary School

Librarian’s view:
This is a very unusual book. The book itself is telling you the history of books, how they evolved from clay tablets to electronic tablets. It is a mixture of poetry and prose and I wasn’t sure whether it would be a hit with primary school children as it is very different. Aleksandra really enjoyed it though and it would be a great resource for any topics involving printing or the development of literacy.

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