Friday 29 Sept - Sunday 8 Oct 2017

Little Lemur Laughing: Poems Review

Age: 7 1/2
Peasedown Primary School
Gabrielle’s Favourite Book: Rainbow Magic

Which poem do you like best and why?:
Joshua and the mango because when I want something my mum didn’t notice I wanted it.

What happens in this poem? Is there a main character? Are there some rhyming words?:
Joshua wants a mango but he gets dinner, lunch and a sandwich, but he’s trying to find a… MANGO! Joshua is the main character. Tea: See, Lunch: Munch, punch, Ham: Jam, fruit: newt, shower: glower.

What other poems did you like and why?:
Fruit Bat: because I like bats.
Fireworks: because colours are nice.
The Queen of Halloween: because it’s spooky.
When Granny Tucks Me In: because it reminds me of my Granny.

Who do you think would enjoy this book?:
A zookeeper because it is about animals.

Describe this book in 3 words:
Funny, silly and absolutely ridiculous.


Age: 10
St. John’s Catholic Primary School

This book is about making you laugh. The poems all really made me laugh a lot.  I really enjoyed the poems which  were in funny shapes – the like one about bats and bat fruit. The poems were also nice and short. I think this book is suitable for poets and people who are younger than 20. It is just really funny and good poetry.

Librarian’s view:

A great small book of poetry. The poems would work with children from reception up to year six. They are short and clever with a great sense of humour making them very accessible to all ages. More brilliance from the author of the very popular ‘I don’t like poetry’.

You can see Joshua Seigal on Tues 3rd October at 1.15pm.

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