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Kid Normal Review

Age: 11
Oldfield Junior School
Fiona’s Favourite authors : Patrick Ness, Pseudonymous Bosch

This hilarious debut from radio stars Greg James and Chris Smith is packed full of quips and instantly likeable and dislikeable characters. They include a man/wasp with a fear of outdoor dining, a librarian whose head turns into a foghorn and a bald, fortyish Flash (ouch for superhero fans) with a mean streak.  Some of the superpowers in the book are cool (controlling the weather?!), some are slightly weirder (expanding body parts) and some are just flat-out barmy (summoning tiny purple flowers).

It is both warm and action-packed (think Hamish and the Worldstoppers). Oh, and who could forget the unforgettable sentence, “So my evil plan is this – spoil as many picnics as possible!”?

Beautifully illustrated by Erica Salcedo, this funny page-turner is a great book for younger children (and adults!) All in all, I would recommend it for superhero fans, or people who like stories with underdogs – but it would really be suitable for anybody at all. Definitely at least an 8 out of 10!

Year 6
Bathwick St. Mary’s Primary School
Talulla’s Favourite Authors: Amy Collins and Kieran Millward Hargrave

By some misunderstanding, Murph (Kid Normal) gets a place in a school for kids who have super powers. Him and his friends ‘The Super Zeroes’ must save the school but will they succeed?

I liked the main characters because they were funny, exciting and different. I liked the humour, illustrations and funny characters. I think children aged 7 -13 who love a good book would like this book.

Describe this book in 3 words:
Amazing, hilarious, exciting.

Age: 9
Royal High Junior School

What Is Kid Normal About?
Kid Normal is all about a ‘normal’ boy called Murph moving to a new house and going to a school for people with Capes/superpowers! Murph and his new friends have to work together to help defeat the evil half-man half-wasp called Nektar. Will Murph’s being normal stop them from saving the day?

Who Was My Favourite Character?
It is very difficult to choose but I think my favourite character is Nellie a quiet, shy girl who was invited to join the Super Zeroes [the name of Murph and his friends] when they caught Nellie being bullied by some older kids. Nellie’s Cape is that she can control thunderclouds! She is my favourite character because she hides a lot of her personality but when it comes to saving her school from baddies, she shows herself more.

What Do You Like About Kid Normal?
I loved every bit but I especially liked that not all the people at Murph’s new school thought he was weird because he was normal and that they liked him for who he was. I liked that the authors added in some humour and included the reader. One of the funny bits was when Nektar pretended that he was Murph’s dad!

Who Would I Recommend Kid Normal To?
Overall Kid normal is a fantastic story and is my favourite book. I would recommend Kid Normal to children aged 7-12 but lots of different age groups will enjoy it! If you prefer a humorous adventure story then Kid Normal is right up your street!


Age: 9
Oldfield Park Junior School

I really enjoyed this book. It’s super, action-packed and amazing. I loved the main character Murph because I could relate to him and I could imagine myself doing the same things as him if I ended up at the same weird school. My favourite part of the book is when he says, “What is a cape?”

I would recommend this book for any year 4, 5 or 6 children who like funny books or super heroes.


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