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AniMalcolm Review

Year 6
Widcombe Junior School

It’s a very funny book. It’s set in the present and Malcolm (don’t call him Malc because it sounds like talcum powder) hates animals. On a school trip, he manages to find himself in the one place that he never wanted to be – sleeping next to a goat barn, Somehow, he gets turned into a tortoise and he has to explain to anyone who will listen that he’s a human boy and not a tortoise… That’s just the start of his adventure. I’d recommend this book to boys and girls and to a wide age group, starting from year 3 to adult!


St. Philip’s Primary School

The main character is could Malcolm. He doesn’t like animals yet his house packed to the brim with them. On his birthday he received one of the worst presents ever…but he also got a incredible surprise he was going on a £300 pound trip! However the school trip doesn’t go as expected after a surprise encounter…

The book is hysterical and has lots of drama!

All the different animals get confusing.

I’ve really enjoyed reading AniMalcolm because it is really funny. I wished the book was longer. I would give it 5 stars.


St. Philip’s Primary School

The book AniMalcolm is full of fun, silliness and imagination. Clearly David had to burst all of his spectacular ideas on paper to create this wonderful book.

What is the story about?:
The story is about a young boy called Malcolm ,who went to a farm for his birthday. He did not like it. In the farm he turned into a… should I say animal…He stays as an animal for a long time and this is really funny.

Are there any main characters?:
The main characters are Malcolm (as you might of already guessed) and a rare and meticulous goat named K-pa:r. If you read the book it may be K-par that makes Malcolm tum into an animal.

What did you like most about the book?:
The story was humourous and made me laugh. I would personally give it 5 out of 5 stars.


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