Today’s Daily Poem: Friday 8 March

Quail Puff

And the quail puff rode,
as the huffalump strode,
and the bickle and bimble by,
and the frogman mowed,
on the back of a toad
a hedgerow mosaic of the sky.

And the drifty dreamboat,
ratty, weasel and stoat,
were down by the water’s side,
and the dragfish was smote,
and the moley-vole vote,
decreed the owlbeak be denied.

The dropple and drip,
led an amphibious slip,
down to the bottomless earp,
where the Daintyfers skip,
and the Thurlbears pip,
and the aquarious trumpets burp.

Where the aquamarine,
lends blueshine and green,
and a leaf was the scaley skep,
and the hoofel huts lean,
there’s a Narl on the scene,
leading a school with no feet a swift step.


Owen Jary


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